The Dangers of Electrical Wiring: How to keep your Children Safe


Experience is the best teacher. However, in life-threatening situations, a warning and some guidance might save the day. More importantly, when your kid is at risk of suffering harm, it is best to give them ultimate advice on electrical wiring dangers.

There comes a time when your child can move from one point to another by themselves. In these stages, you can’t help but be extra cautious with the things you leave lying on the floor or within their reach. The same devotion you have to keep them from chocking, burning, or falling is the same you should have when it comes to electrical wiring.

What are some of the most effective ways to teach kids on the dangers of electrical wiring?

What you teach your child depends on their ability to understand. The following are pointers to help you teach your kids the dangers of electricity.

Take advantage of family meetings

My memory is still fresh on how practical these sessions were in my childhood. Each time I needed some scolding, my mum would wait for family sessions to strike a point she had withheld the whole week. After this, I would reconsider my evil ways and reform for the better. These sessions will come in handy while teaching your kids the dangers of electricity.

Teach them how to ensure safety from electricity

Enlighten them on the nature of electric wires and why they have a specific make. You could explain why the insulator is essential and why they should never touch naked electric cables.

Talk to your kids on how electricity works

Here you can show them some good conductors of electricity. Explain to them the importance of switching the lights on and off with dry hands. Tell them the dangers of inserting metallic objects inside electric sockets. You could even ask your electrician on how to be safer.

Tell them electricity can start a fire

At this point, you will warn them against overloading circuits.  Always monitor them to ensure they do not plug in many devices to avoid the risk of short courses that spark fires hence causing damage to properties.

Make use of educational books

When you read bedtime stories from your kid’s favorite storybook, they might start narrating the same after a week or two. Children’s books suit their understanding; hence with such, you can teach your child the safety rules when dealing with electricity.

Keep in mind all these precautions are the same as teaching your kids to be safe on social media. It is going to need a lot of patience and love.

To wrap it up

Most times, our children make us better people. The least we can do is offer them guidance in every possible way. Electricity has become so familiar that people hardly find the need to practice caution.  Always remember children watch and learn; hence your child will most definitely do what they see you doing. Lead by example.