Types of teens’ personality disorder

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For someone who is not an expert, it is not easy to identify teens disorders. That is why most teens suffer from such from a young age, only to later be identified as fully blown mental problems as adults. That is why it is important to pay attention to your child’s behavior on a day-to-day basis. You may not be a therapist but having the knowledge of the various disorders equips you on how to identify and cure the disorders. The school environment plays a great role in identifying and curing these disorders and that’s why you should also be careful about the school where you take your child.

These are some of the teens’ behaviors you need to look out for:

The borderline personality disorder

With this personality behavior, a teen could have a problem forming healthy and lasting relationships. Thus, their behavior is unpredictable and compulsive. Most of these teens fear abandonment due to something they might have carried forward from their childhood experiences. This is a behavior prevalent in children who have grown in abusive marriages or marriages that ended up in divorce. A therapist would need to unearth such ‘history’ to give appropriate treatment.

Antisocial personality disorder

Teens with this kind of behavior are not able to process concepts of privacy in others and would rather keep everything to themselves. They always feel that others are infringing on their rights and therefore you could notice frequent fights. These might want to violate the rights of their peers. That is why you need to identify a school like Eva Carlston Academy  or other schools that have a professional therapists who will be educated to identify such a disorder earlier in life and help.

Dependent personality disorder

You might have observed a funny behavior in your child, not able to make a decision on its own and therefore they have to rely on others decision. Even when it comes to taking care of themselves, they’ve to seek for others opinion. This can turn out to be dangerous especially when they get the wrong company. You may find such a child indulging in bad behavior not because they want it but because they’ve seen others do it. Therefore, you need a therapist who will unearth this disorder and progressively lead the teen to a more stable position where they can make sound and independent decisions.

Histrionic personality disorder

Almost every mother will tell you how one of their children is always seeking attention and if it is not forthcoming; they may end up reacting emotionally. These teens would always want to be the center of attraction and will do things to draw attention to themselves. They can’t stand to see their attention stolen by any other person. With the right environment and an experienced professional, the child can be led through their experiences and systematically begin to appreciate their peers and other people. If this is not corrected, the child will grow up thinking that everything good can only come from them and therefore may get depressed seeing other people outshining them.

Some of the teens’ personality disorders are hard to identify and even sometimes you may want to ignore because you think they’ll change with age. You need a therapist to walk through with them, unearth such disorders and administer the right therapy.