Why reborn baby dolls are becoming popular around the world

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Reborn dolls are slowly gaining popularity around the world for a lot of reasons.

But before we dive into that, do you know what reborn dolls are?

Let me give you a quick background.

What are reborn dolls?

Before getting yourself your own reborn doll, you must first know what reborn dolls are, right?

Reborn dolls are basically dolls that have been transformed by artists called reborners to make a baby resemble a human infant. The skill they require is so intense that they need to make each doll as realistic as possible, which makes them cost you several hundred bucks!

These reborn dolls are produced from vinyl dolls that are further enhanced and improved by reborners through its realistic highlights. With the base doll, a reborner would search dolls that already have the human features that they want, mostly found in online galleries.

These dolls then undergo a series of intense transformations to really look like a real human baby!

These babies are so realistic that they can feed themselves through bottles and even have amazing customized systems with how they can move!

Reborn dolls can come in different shapes and sizes, some from tiny to normal-sized dolls. Once a doll is finished, it could have the size extended to a real little kid.

Reborn dolls are growing their identity in the doll-production network. With this reality, there has been a rise in the growth of doll creators on online networks sharing the same love for reborn dolls.


Now that you know about reborn dolls let’s talk about all the reasons they’re becoming popular!

  1. Reborn dolls are being used to overcome grief.

Some people get their own reborn dolls to overcome pain over a lost child because of misconception or stillbirth. So to speak, having reborn dolls becomes therapy for them. Speaking of grief, this could also be a coping mechanism to infertile couples who can never conceive a child.

Psychologists have concluded that the relationship between a grieving individual and a reborn doll can be valuable because they get the satisfaction of having a baby.

This now becomes a way to escape grief and the harsh realities of life.

  1. Reborn dolls are used as a remembrance for mature kids.

Some get reborn dolls to have a grown child’s portrait doll. Perhaps, this could be a doll to represent their child, who is much older in the present.

  1. Reborn dolls are becoming a source of entertainment.

Some get their own reborn dolls just so they could have a doll to play with as if it were an infant. Or, this could also be a part of their collection.

Reborn dolls could also be bought for little children so they would have a new toy to play with.

  1. Reborn dolls are used for therapy.

Reborn babies can also be used for therapeutic purposes for autistic children or even Alzheimer’s patients. This is a prevalent item used at nursing homes in the USA and UK since it helps prevent dementia and even depression. The world of medicine has acknowledged how these dolls can trigger positive memories, prevent agitation, and even anxiety.

  1. Reborn dolls are used to cope up with loneliness.

Reborn dolls can also help people cope with their anxiety and depression because of the loneliness they feel, which brings a much more positive outlook.

It looks like it’s high time for you to get your own reborn doll today!