How to Introduce Kids to the Thrills of Mountain Biking?


If you are a keen biker and your passion lies in traversing mountain trails, you might be eager to introduce your child to the thrills of mountain biking too. Then you can enjoy riding together. However, according to the good folk at Woom, before you even get your child on a mountain bike for kids you will need to allay any fears he might have. Young riders are often quite scared of cycling over the rough terrain that is common associated with mountain trails because they worry that they don’t have the necessary skills and so might get hurt.

Talk to Your Child

The best way to garner an interest of mountain biking in your child is to talk about it with him. The more you share your passion with your child, the more likely it is that he will want to try it for himself. Explain what you love about mountain biking and talk about the different ways you can stay safe when riding the trails. If your child is interested enough to want to try it for himself, you can go shopping for a mountain bike for kids together.

Buy an Appropriate Mountain Bike

When introducing your child to mountain biking, it is particularly important that you do so on the right bike. Comfort is especially important when riding over the uneven mountain trails, so a bike with sufficient suspension and support is necessary. You can get advice at a local bike store about what type of bike is best for your child. Allowing him to join in the discussions and have a say in the final choice is likely to make him even more interested in the sport.

As well as the mountain bike, it is important to buy some protective gear at the same time. Falling is quite common when learning to mountain bike, so make sure that your child has the right protection. A nasty fall without support or protective gear could be enough to put him off forever. At the very least, he should have a suitable helmet and gloves, but consider investing in some knee and elbow pads too.

Go For Your First Ride

The first ride is an important part of encouraging your child to love mountain biking. You will need to be patient and go slow if you want it to be successful. Although the thrill of mountain biking usually comes from the speed involved in travelling down uneven terrain, the thought of doing this might be terrifying for your child. It is therefore important to stick to flatter trails to begin with. Even starting off in a local park and cycling over a woody trail would help the child to get used to bumps and uneven surfaces.

Once he is comfortable riding the bike you can move onto more advanced trails, but it may help to walk them before cycling them. That way, your child will know what is ahead and will not be met by anything unexpected.


Encouraging a child to love mountain biking is something that you can do, provided you take things slowly and involve the child in your own passion for the sport. Talk to him about the things you love about it and explain what you find fun. If he is eager to give it a go, let him be involved in choosing an appropriate mountain bike for kids as well as protective gear. When it’s time to head out for your first ride, stick to flat trails until he gets used to the bike before you transition to rougher, uneven surfaces.