Tips for Planning Children Birthday Parties Parents Will Appreciate


Fall is considered the best season to have a birthday party in the city. Kids are back in their schools, and they want to invite their new-found friends to celebrate this milestone in their life. As a parent, checking messages can feel like you are playing whack-a-mole with online posts – as soon as the RSVP starts coming in, another one will come.

Children’s social calendars have more activity compared to their parent’s schedules. With kid’s birthday party coming up, most parents see the good, the bad, and the ugly side of children’s parties. There are a lot of problems that come with it. Late catered food; the cake design did not meet the child’s expectation, drunk magicians, overcrowded venue – you name it, parties have it.

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Problems aside, figuring out the kid’s birthday bash scene is not an easy task, and at times, it can feel harder compared to trying to navigate a double stroller through Time’s Square. First, celebrating in big cities like New York or Los Angeles where space is minimal, the prices of materials are steep, and keeping up with celebrities and their extravagant birthday bashes will bring its own set of problems and challenges.

Then there is the thank you notes and gift-giving to figure out. For instance, is it pretty thoughtful to put a “No Gifts Allowed” message on the invites, or does that create confusion and angst amongst guests? Does it make it looks like you are humbly bragging about how your family has it all, or you just do not have any space in your house? To help parents figure it out, we have detailed a list of what works and what does not work.


Big cities like New York and Los Angeles is not exactly a family-friendly city, and when we are talking about kid’s birthday parties, where to do it is usually the most challenging part of the process. Do not get me wrong; there are indoor places for indoor birthday activities, gymnasiums, parks, banquet halls, or restaurants that offer parties in a box experience, where parents pay a fee for everything, from the corralling of gifts to food and cake.

But places like this usually feel like birthday bash factories, devoid and sterile of any kind of personality – and if we are honest here, these companies where every parent’s dream of relaxing on a Saturday afternoon dies. Not only that, one week after attending parties on these places, but people who attended have also either contracted pink eye or Strep throat or worse, both.

So, what is party planning parents need to do? Parents need to think outside the box. Parties at places like Pip’s Island are very inventive and guarantees a very memorable experience. Kids can move from room to room on a very interactive journey.

It is a numbers game

Not like other celebrations, more people do not necessarily translate into merrier when it comes to children’s birthday parties. Any number of kids are okay as long as there’s adequate parental supervision fitting for the kids’ age. Do not send 20 four or five-year-old while their parents are drinking beers in the back room.

That will make for a very memorable party but in the wrong way. When it comes to young kids, a rule of thumb is that the more parents that are engaged and around, the better. When it comes to older kids, one adult every five kids are ideal. Young teens-only needs immediate family members. For older teens, they will be fine on their own with parents drinking beer in the back, so they can enjoy and still be cool at the same time the parents will have their peace of mind.

Go big or go home does not apply here

It is imperative to have things for the children to do but make sure not to overdo it. It is okay to have different stations, but does not try to pack everything into a one-hour birthday party. Your son or daughter’s 20 friends are not going to have a lot of time to make slimes while they are riding a pony and getting face paint at the same time.

Instead, experts recommend picking two to three enjoyable activities and keep it short, simple, and entertaining. Kids will have a memorable day if they spend this time together, doing the same activities, as well as interacting with each other. Parties can be successful and fun without the whistles and bells. Make a plan, be very flexible, and remember that children love to create their own enjoyable time. Usually, it is pretty nice to let the kids do just that.

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Plan with the kids

The main ingredient is to have them join the planning process when it comes to activities you want them to do during these events. Parents know the drill: Let the kids pick the invitation, choose the theme of the party, and incorporate the foods they will enjoy.

Children like to have an enjoyable time, and they get excited when it comes to parties – at the same time, they are not always quite predictable. Having a plan of the things that can keep them entertained is an excellent idea – but you also need to be very flexible. Kids do not always respond the way adults think they will. It does not mean parties will not be successful.

Parents should mind their manners, but make sure not to lose their minds in the long run

When gifts are being given, it is imperative to teach the kids to say thank you and write thank you notes. But if you misplace your mobile phones during the festivities, and writing notes to people who gave presents becomes a disaster, do not get stressed out either. You need to move on and swear to yourself that you will do better at the next birthday party.